The following are available to CPIP affiliates


Seed Grants

CPIP offers grants up to $5,000 to aid in the development of proposals for external funding. Please submit a brief description of the project, plans for the funds, and target agency in an email to co-directors Neumark and Bruckner. See grants awarded here.


Proposal Review Program

CPIP offers a streamlined review program for proposals in the preliminary stages. See program details here.


Red Team Review

A two-stage process of internal and external review designed to increase the likelihood that faculty grant proposals receive extramural funding. For more information, see here.


Research Data Center (RDC)

CPIP is ready to commit to fund 3 RDC seats per year for 3 years. For more information, see here.


NIH Grant Writing Workshop

A 1-hour gentle introduction for population scientists designed to demystify the proposal process, presented by CPIP co-director, Tim Bruckner, recorded and available here.


NICHD Pop Dynamics Proposals

CPIP offers an incentive program for faculty proposals to the NICHD Pop Dynamics branch, as detailed below:

  1. We will offer 5% of the proposal amount (up to a maximum of $5,000) for your personal research funds upon submission of a proposal, and up to a maximum of $15,000 total across all CPIP faculty, per annum.
  2. These funds will be paid out at the end of our fiscal year, and are dependent on their being residual funds. (But we will commit to using these residual funds for this program, rather than “banking” them.)
  3. If our residual funds are below the amount due, and/or the committed amount is over $15,000, we will prorate the payments.

The first opportunity to take advantage of the incentive program is for the June 2021 cycle (NIH deadlines are June 5th for R01s, and June 16th for R03 and R21 proposals). Please contact Tim or David for details.


Teaching Reductions

By prior approval upon the time of grant submission, one course release to Social Sciences PIs of successful, large-scale interdisciplinary grants through CPIP


Statistical Consulting

CPIP offers free statistical consulting through BERD, up to $400 (typically 8 hours of consulting time). Several CPIP affiliates have found BERD quite useful in improving their research paper and/or grant proposal. BERD supports researchers on all types of projects, including for population-based studies. Longer-term support for statistical consulting may also be available for large multidisciplinary grant proposals. Please submit a request and explanation of your need for these services to co-directors Neumark and Bruckner.


Student Affiliations

CPIP offers resources to doctoral students who are currently advised by CPIP-affiliated faculty. For more information, see here.


Working Papers

CPIP offers to publish and disseminate papers on Twitter. Please work with Dan Paley if you have papers you’d like to share. For a list of recent papers, see here.


Thursday Lunch Discussions

A lunch hour opportunity to discuss projects at any stage and to receive feedback from CPIP affiliates. Please contact Lina Lopez to reserve.


Op-Ed Support

CPIP will offer writing assistance and $500 in research support to develop and publish Op-Ed’s, on population topics, in high profile outlets. Please contact Dan Paley for details.


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