Gaps in the economic and educational opportunities of children and adults in the top and bottom quintiles of the family income distribution have widened dramatically in past decades in both the U.S. and many other countries. Inequality across countries is a major driver of global issues such as migration, while poverty persists both within and across countries.
The Center for Population, Inequality, and Policy at UCI, a joint effort by the Office of Research, the School of Social Sciences, and the Program in Public Health, is focused on advancing research on socioeconomic factors that directly impact inequality. Faculty in the center investigate the causes and consequences of this inequality as well as policies and other strategies designed to improve well-being of the less advantaged – including employment, education, health, housing and income. UCI researchers across the social sciences, public health, education, social ecology, and natural sciences have a track record of high-quality population research on inequality – research that spans disciplinary boundaries and important areas of public policy.

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