Program for Research on International Migration

The purpose of the Program for Research on International Migration is to stimulate, plan and carry out basic and policy-relevant research on migration and immigration. In order to encourage and help develop multi-investigator, multi-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary research projects, the Program sponsors a number of activities, including meetings to discuss ideas for future research projects, “brainstorming” and information sessions about research funding opportunities, presentations of research findings and work in progress, seminars by both UCI and external speakers, and workshops and conferences.

Much of the Program's research examines the multigenerational incorporation experiences of immigrant groups in the United States, especially those occurring in diverse contexts such as Southern California.  These devote as much attention to what happens to the children and grandchildren of immigrants as to what happens to immigrants themselves.

Examples of current or recent projects include studies examining:

  • The long-term experiences of the children of immigrants in the United States, especially their educational attainments and situations;
  • The nature and extent of multiple kinds of incorporation among various second- and later-generation immigrant groups in Los Angeles;
  • The implications of immigration for changing race/ethnicity and multiracial identification in the United States;
  • The volume, nature and legal status of U.S. and California immigration (especially Mexican immigration); and
  • Comparisons of the incorporation experiences of U.S. and European immigrant groups.

Scholars contributing to PRIM use a variety of methods to conduct their research. A subset conduct research aligning with the efforts of scholars who are affiliated with the Center for Population, Inequality, and Policy (CPIP). To learn more about CPIP, see the About webpage.  



Edward E. Telles




Vellore Arthi
Catherine Benamou
Susan Bibler Coutin
Anke  Biendarra
Bernadette Boden-Albala
Alex Borucki
Belinda Campos
Anita Casavantes Bradford
Leo Chavez
Yong Chen
Louis DeSipio
Laura Enriquez
Christopher Fan
Rachel  Goldberg
Sara Goodman
Kaaryn Gustafson
Alein Haro-Ramos
Joseph Jeon
Laura Hyun Yi Kang
Andre  Keiji Kunigami
Claire Kim
Eleana Kim
Charis Kubrin
Annie Lai
Génesis Lara
Jerry Won Lee
Stephen Lee
John M. Liu
Lilith Mahmud
Mirian Martinez-Aranda
Mary McThomas
Michael Mendez
Kristine Molina
Brittany Morey
Walter Nicholls
Brenda Nicolas
Emily Owens
Isabela Quintana
Nasrin Rahimieh
Maria Rendon
Annie Ro
Christofer A. Rodelo
Nancy Rodriguez
Rocío Rosales
Kamal Sadiq
Catherine Sameh
Sandra Simpkins
Edward E. Telles
Katie Tinto
Rodolfo David Torres
Carolina Valdivia Ordorica
Georges Van Den Abbeele
Irene Vega
Adriana Villavicencio
Samantha Vortherms
Judy Wu


Graduate Students


Elliott Alvarado
Shannon Bae
Jennifer Barajas
Reiya Bhat
Tauhid Sayeed Bin Kashem
Carlo Chunga Pizarro
Victoria Ciudad-Real
Maira Delgado Laurens
Suchen Ding
Josefina Espino
Nasim Fekrat
Brian Joseph Flores
Jose Jesus Gutierrez
Peng Huang
Michael Huynh
Sofia Jaime
Orlando Lara
Woo Jung (Amy) Lee
Mariana Magana Gamero
Alyssa Martin
Caroline Martinez
Vicente Mata
Genesis Mazariegos
Geidy Mendez
Angie Monreal
Celina Morales
Martha Arhemi Morales Hernandez
Julybeth Murillo
Edward Kenneth Lazaro Nadurata
Jahaira Pacheco
Guillermo Paez Gallardo
Jenniffer Cecilia Perez Lopez
Danielle Puretz
Kelley Riffenburgh
Jozef Callán Robles
Homa Sadri
Maryam Salehi
Maribel Sandoval Contreras
Jessica Taghvaiee
Jessica Torres Baker
Jennifer Vasquez
Mariela Villalba Madrid


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