CPIPoffers resources to doctoral students who are advised by CPIP-affiliated faculty. The resources include, but are not limited to:

  1. Shared workspace on the 5th floor of SSPA (shared with up to 5 students)
  2. Statistical consultation on research projects that are jointly pursued with CPIP faculty and intended to result in the production of an extramural grant proposal; or on research projects for which students are pursuing extramural grant support on their own
  3. Consideration for summer research fellowships and for allocation of funds for data purchases for research projects for which students will seek extramural grant support
  4. Support for travel and registration costs to attend the annual Population Association of America (PAA) conference. [note: travel support is contingent on receiving an oral or poster presentation]
  5. Ability to reserve time at one of CPIP’s monthly workshop dates to present, and receive feedback on, student’s research

To receive the CPIP affiliation, doctoral students would have to meet the following qualifications:

  1. Primary advisor must be a CPIP affiliate. See a list of faculty affiliates.
  2. In good academic standing, per the Chair or Graduate Director of respective doctoral program
  3. Regular attendance at CPIP events, such as seminars, workshops, and conferences
  4. Complete Demographic Methods course (SOC226A/PH 209), offered every fall

The decision on CPIP doctoral student affiliation would be made by simple majority vote of the CPIP Executive Committee. Executive Committee members with a conflict of interest would be recused from the vote.

Current Students


Jason Bonham
Brenda Bustos
Shutong Huo
Daniela Kaiser Olhagaray
Amy Gong Liu
Sam Titus


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